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Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Flowers for a wedding are key! They add color, elegance, and really convey the bride’s style. But, let’s face it -- they can also get outrageously expensive! So, what can you do to make sure you create a beautiful space without taking out a loan? Here are our favorite floral secrets!

Photography - Laura Anne Watson

Florist - Laura Jane's Flowers

Tip #1: Repurpose your bouquets! This is one of the simplest and best floral saving tips. Of course you want your bridesmaids to carry a bouquet down the aisle, but what happens after the ceremony and pictures are over? The bouquet ends up thrown across a sofa in the bridal suite only to be reclaimed hours later and taken home to slowly die. NO! Use what you paid for. It’s as easy as bringing a few clear vases (often your florist will provide these) and placing them in areas where you can use some extra florals. We often put these at the head table or sweetheart table, especially if there is a greenery runner on it. It gives it some extra height. Or, use them on your speciality tables (cake, favors, guest book, et.). Wherever you decide to use them, at least you will add extra florals to the reception without extra cost.

Photography - Justen Clay Photography

Decor - White Vine Weddings

Florals - Mother of the Bride

Tip #2: Rose Petals Down the Aisle - It’s easy to get out of hand when talking about the wedding aisle. After all, this is where you will make your big entrance, so you need it to be special. One of my favorite ways to add in some color and simple beauty is to line the aisle with rose petals. It may seem a little too simple to you, but take a look at some pictures. You’ll notice how much it adds to a blank aisle! Also, if you are doing an altar floral, it will be the focal point.,.not what is on your chairs. And, did I mention price? You can get these from the florist for $100-$200, or you can order them yourself! You can order from Costco or Sams for around $90. Wow!

Photography - LIfeshine and Justen Clay

Florals - White Vine Weddings and Mother of the Bride

Decor - White Vine Weddings

Tip #3: Use Lanterns or Candles as Your Centerpiece Focal Point - Often your florist or planner will offer decor options as well. Renting candles or lanterns for your primary centerpiece can be much cheaper than incorporating a medium or large floral centerpiece. Then, add some color by putting greenery or flowers around it. Greenery is an especially cost effective option and very classic as well!

Photography - Brian + Lindsay and Laura Anne Watson

Florist - Laura Jane’s Flowers

Decor - White Vine Weddings

Tip #4: Baby’s Breath - Baby’s breath can add so much volume at an extremely low cost! One bundle of baby’s breath can often work for an entire centerpiece, and it’s only around $5 - $10 a bundle (a little more once your florist arranges it.) An easy way to add it to your aisle is to create greenery and baby’s breath pew markers, or you can place the baby’s breath in tins to line your aisle. Baby’s breath is also gorgeous in greenery runners for your tables. The greenery will add some cost, but it is still much cheaper than greenery plus other flowers.

Photography - Laura James and Amanda Mizell

Florist and Decor - White Vine Weddings

Tip #5: Mix and Match Your Florals - Often we see the super tall, full centerpieces at weddings. These are of course gorgeous, but at times they can overwhelm the room, and they will certainly overwhelm your budget. Instead, mix and match your florals to include different heights or even completely different types of centerpieces. For example, we often do half the tables with a typical floral centerpiece in a vase or urn, and then we have half the tables with candles and greenery. The contrast is beautiful! It gives you the best of both worlds by adding color and lighting. The options for this are limitless. So, find a couple of centerpieces you like that compliment one another and go from there!

Photographer - Ember Studios

Florist and Decor - Bold Design

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