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6 Steps to Easy Wedding Planning

Your engagement was awesome! So much fun and you're so excited to get married. But, then the reality hits! How do I plan a wedding while I have a full time job, go to school, take care of my house, the list could go on...

That's why we are here to help!

Wedding planning should be an enjoyable process and if you'll follow these 6 steps, it will be :)

Step 1 - Decide what kind of bride you are

Do it all Bride

Do you want to do it ALL? Is it a struggle for you to let go of any details? That's ok! You can be your own wedding planner, but we suggest that you at least book a day-of coordinator. You can't be everywhere on your big day and you want to enjoy it!

Do Most of It Bride

Do you want to do most of the planning, but then receive help closer to time? Do you need help finalizing the details and making sure all of your vendors are ready to go? Hiring a wedding planner for partial planning is perfect for you. With partial planning, the planner will help you with all of the final logistics.

Big Picture Bride

Do you want to sit back, make the big decisions, but then let someone else do all the work? Full planning will be the way to stay a part of the planning process, but let someone else take care of the details.

Step 2 - Choose a Venue

The venue can drive so many decisions, so it's important to book a venue first. Then, you can start thinking about vendors, decor, style, etc...

Step 3 - Figure Out Your Wedding Style

To determine your style, think first of one word to describe it. A few suggestions - classic, rustic, vintage, simple, modern, intimate, beach.

A lot of times the venue will drive the style. An outdoor wedding - you can use lots of florals and lighting if it is in the evening. Industrial look - wood accents can be beautiful against a brick backdrop. You get the point! It can majorly determine the overall look of your wedding.

Part of figuring out your style is finding your color palette! Pinterest is great for this as you can see how colors compliment one another.

Step 4 - Book Your Vendors

I put this after style because vendors should reflect your style! If you want a very casual wedding, you likely aren't going to select a plated dinner. If you want a very artistic look, this will come across from your photographer.

Focus on the big things: photography (You'll always remember!) and catering (You want your guests to enjoy the food, and it is where you will spend lots of money.). Then, move on to your list (music/entertainment, cake, rentals, hair, makeup, officiant, etc.).

Step 5 - Decide On Your Decor

Once you've made the big decisions, it's time for decor. This is our favorite part as you get to determine the entire look of your wedding!

If decor overwhelms you, consider hiring a decorator. Lots of times this will actually save you money or at least you'll break even. A decorator has things you can rent, will set up for you, and is there to guide you through the process. The decorator has already worked on so many weddings that he or she will often have ideas that you haven't even thought of!

Keep your overall style and color palette in mind with each decision you make so that there is a flow to the wedding.

Step 6 - Handle The Logistics

The final month of planning seems to be consumed with logistics! What time should your bridal party be there? When are you doing hair and makeup? What order do you want your bridesmaids to be in? The decisions seem endless! This is when a month of + coordination planner is clutch. The planner will handle your timeline creation, communicate the details to your vendors, and most importantly be there for your rehearsal and wedding day so you can enjoy your wedding!

You are probably thinking, that was a lot of work summed up into one page! You are right. But, try to focus on one aspect of wedding planning at a time, and you'll see your wedding come together beautifully!

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