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Out of Town Guest Essentials

When considering how to treat your guests at a wedding, a few things come to mind - food and drink, entertainment, and favors. But, for those of you who have out of town guests attending the wedding, there are so many extra things you can do to help your guests enjoy a nice getaway!


To begin, it is of course important to offer accommodation suggestions for out of town guests. While many are able to find great rates if booking an entire block of a hotel, it is also nice to offer several options. Some may just want a place to lay their heads while others want to make it a long weekend at a nearby bed and breakfast or resort. This information can also be presented on your website if you don't wish to include it with your invitation.


Next, while with modern day technology it is easy to find nearby restaurants and attractions, but you are the local expert so share places unique to the town - restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment venues, trails, historical attractions, and museums. Offer a variety of options so that all of your guests are entertained! How to present this you ask? A wedding website is an easy presentation format or my personal favorite.

Wedding Guest Bags

If you really want to surprise your guests - have a guest bag awaiting them in their hotel rooms. These can be as simple or elaborate as you like. The most important thing is that you have shown the guests that you appreciate them coming. In these bags, you can stick to a theme or have an assortment of goodies. Things that should absolutely be included are a wedding itinerary and area attractions list. From there, here are a few ideas:

Beach Bag - Sunscreen, Koozies, and a Beach towel

Hit the Trail - Granola Bars, Waters, and Local Trail Maps

Mimosa Kit - Champagne, Orange Juice, and Champagne Glasses

Snack Kit - Lots of snacks and drinks!

Homemade Goods - Start baking and really impress your guests!

Shower them with Kindness - Include an assortment of soaps.

Hometown Goods - Grab a few local specialties.

Wine Down Bag - A nice bottle of wine and glasses.

The key is to think of your guests' interests as well as your personality - you are sure to wow them with your thoughtfulness and creativity.

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