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Month of Planning + Coordination

At Booking:

First, we like to meet in person to discuss your wedding vision and offer wedding guidance.

We can help recommend vendors and make sure you have everything covered.

If you need any help with decor, we have options to choose from.

We will also provide access to planning documents so we can all stay organized and on the same page.

Any time you have questions, we're here to give advice and help in any way we can!

One Month Out:

We will meet in person at the venue to go over wedding day logistics and final wedding preparations.

We will create a timeline for you and help determine the floor plan.

We will also communicate the timeline to all of your vendors .

Rehearsal and Wedding Day:

We will direct your rehearsal and answer any procedural questions you have.

On your wedding day, we will be there for 8 hours. We arrive early to oversee vendor setup and do any decorating you need.

We will have two directors present to make sure your ceremony and reception go smoothly and stay on time.

We also stay to help clean up at the end of the reception so you can leave for the night without worries!


We have a wide selection of decor for you to choose from. Some couples might need a lot of help and some might have everything covered already. Our decor can be rented by individual pieces so you only pay for what you need!

Photographer - Aura + Endi Films 
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