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Wedding Planning [8 Pinterest Boards to Create]

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Now the real question...where to start? We've all been to weddings where we walk in and say, "Wow! This is unbelievably beautiful. How in the world did they get to this point?" The answer is all in the design. Yes, we can't ignore the logistics when planning a wedding, but the design is the primary aspect your guests will see, so let's start there!

So, how do you decide the formality of the wedding, the style of the wedding, the colors of the wedding? The list goes on. The best answer is to make Pinterest your best friend. Beyond that answer though, I have a great way to help you organize your Pinterest ideas and ultimately create your wedding design.

Create 8 Pinterest Boards and label them the following:

1. Attire

2. Accessories

3. Anticipation

4. Arrival

5. Atmosphere

6. Appetite

7. Amusement

8. Appreciation

Now, it's time to fill up these boards with ideas for your wedding.


This is pretty basic! What will you and your bridal party wear? Also, include hair and makeup in this category.


Pin any accessories that add to your style! This will include jewelry, shoes, clutch, bridal party jewelry, corsages, boutonnieres, ect.


This is how you plan to announce your big day. Pin Save the Dates, Wedding Websites, and of course your Invitation.


Think of your event not from your perspective, but the perspective of the guest for this particular board. If the guest is from out of town, what in the area is offered? When your guest arrives at the wedding, what will they see from the time they step out of the car? This will include your entrance into the venue (outside wreaths, lanterns, signs, et.) as well the inside entry way (guest book table, pictures, floral arrangement, signs, et.). This is your guest's first impression so make it good!


This one is obviously important because it defines the style of your wedding. How will the ceremony be decorated and what will occur during the ceremony? (aisle, alter, programs for guests, music, unity candle, ect.). This is also includes key reception ideas (centerpieces, linens, food display, menus, chairs, tables, lighting).


The menu of course! First, start by determining your menu style (Plated Dinner, Buffet, Cocktail Style, Family Style, Food Stations). Remember, this will likely be your highest cost, so keep that in mind when selecting the style. Then, start looking for ideas for a menu as well as finding pretty ways to display the food. And of course, don't forget the cake! There are so many options for creating a beautiful cake, so really use Pinterest for this one.


How will you entertain your guests? Obviously, during the ceremony, they will be watching you marry one another, but what else will you include? (Programs, Music, Special Vows, Unity Candle, Sand, Tying the Knot). Then, on to the reception! There are so many ways to entertain your guests here (Dancing, Bar, Photo and Video Booth, Lawn Games, Social Media posts, Song Requests, Special Stations such as a s'more bar or jar for creating dates for the newlyweds). This will also include the traditional reception activities such as the bouquet and garter toss.


As your guests leave, you want to help them remember your special day with favors! These can range from very cute and pretty (Let Love Grow flower in planter, decorative candles) to appetizing (candy station, hot chocolate in a jar) to practical (koozies, glasses). You can also thank your guests by making a charitable donation!


Yes, you are probably overwhelmed by simply reading this post, but approach it one board at a time, and you will be shocked at how many great ideas you find! When you finish each board, you will see your wedding design and style coming together. Don't be afraid to show your vendors these boards. Florists, bakeries, caterers, you name it are typically willing to give these ideas a try!

Enjoy your wedding planning and check out my Pinterest to see examples of each type of board!

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