Wedding Planning [8 Pinterest Boards to Create]

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Now the real question...where to start? We've all been to weddings where we walk in and say, "Wow! This is unbelievably beautiful. How in the world did they get to this point?" The answer is all in the design. Yes, we can't ignore the logistics when planning a wedding, but the design is the primary aspect your guests will see, so let's start there! So, how do you decide the formality of the wedding, the style of the wedding, the colors of the wedding? The list goes on. The best answer is to make Pinterest your best friend. Beyond that answer though, I have a great way to help you organize your Pinterest ideas and ultimately create your wedding desig

6 Steps to Easy Wedding Planning

Your engagement was awesome! So much fun and you're so excited to get married. But, then the reality hits! How do I plan a wedding while I have a full time job, go to school, take care of my house, the list could go on... That's why we are here to help! Wedding planning should be an enjoyable process and if you'll follow these 6 steps, it will be :) Step 1 - Decide what kind of bride you are Do it all Bride Do you want to do it ALL? Is it a struggle for you to let go of any details? That's ok! You can be your own wedding planner, but we suggest that you at least book a day-of coordinator. You can't be everywhere on your big day and you want to enjoy it! Do Most of It Bride Do you want to

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